UPDATE: We are “mining” the lead from the all pistol and rifle ranges, so these ranges are CLOSED until the process is complete. Classes and private lessons will continue as normal, as with the skeet league/fields. Thank you for your understand as we undergo this needed safety procedure.

Available classes and lessons will be discounted this time and continue as scheduled, LTC classes are $50 a person, private lessons are $50 for one person.

We offer an EXPRESS Rifle Sight-in appointments.

Check our Gun Services page for complete details.

 Range Fees (Effective March 2018)
Pistol$10 per person PLUS per gun
Rifle$10 per person PLUS per gun
Skeet$8.39 *per round ($9 with tax)
Seniors$7.00 per gun on Tuesdays only.

Range Services

FFL Transfers for Gun Purchases
$25 FFL Transfers

Rifle Sight Ins
Scoped Rifle: $32.50
Open Sight: $ 55.00
Black Powder Rifles: $100.00
Pistol open sights: $55.00
Express Sight In (Same day service): Center Fire Rifle with scope $50.00
Scope Mounting: $24.50
Gun Cleaning Services
Basic Clean: Field strip firearm, conduct a basic cleaning. $35.00
Detailed Clean: Fully disassemble firearm and meticulously clean. $55.00
Diagnostic: Includes a detailed clean and a diagnostic of any issues your firearm may be having. $65.00

Upcoming LTC Classes

Shooting League Info and Scores

UPDATE: Our 2018 Action Pistol League! More details coming soon.

Here is the latest scores for Hot Wells:

Skeet League Scores

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