UPDATE:  All ranges are open for business.

We offer an EXPRESS Rifle Sight-in appointments. Check our Gun Services page for complete details.

 Range Fees
Pistol$9.32 per gun ($10 with tax)
Rifle$9.32 per gun ($10 with tax)
Skeet$8.39 *per round ($9 with tax)
Seniors$7.00 per gun on Tuesdays only.

Range Services

FFL Transfers for Gun Purchases
$25 FFL Transfers

Rifle Sight Ins
Scoped Rifle: $32.50
Open Sight: $ 55.00
Black Powder Rifles: $100.00
Pistol open sights: $55.00
Express Sight In (Same day service): Center Fire Rifle with scope $50.00
Scope Mounting: $24.50
Gun Cleaning Services
Basic Clean: Field strip firearm, conduct a basic cleaning. $35.00
Detailed Clean: Fully disassemble firearm and meticulously clean. $55.00
Diagnostic: Includes a detailed clean and a diagnostic of any issues your firearm may be having. $65.00

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