Thank you for your Support

Thank you for your patience and messages of support while we restored service after recent flooding in West Houston. Seeing the community come together to help each other made us proud to be part of Cypress and the greater Houston community.

Our ranges are open again and we welcome everyone to come visit and enjoy some time on the range.

See you on the Range!

Open Carry Update: Be Prepared

We want you to be prepared for the new open carry laws implemented on January 1, 2016. Are you ready? Join our CHL / LTC instructors and local law enforcement representatives to get all the information you need for the upcoming changes to Texas state laws regarding concealed handguns and open carry.

Classes are $25

Inquire at the Range House for more information.

Range Services

FFL Transfers for Gun Purchases
$25 FFL Transfers

Rifle Sight Ins
Scoped Rifle: $32.50
Open Sight: $ 55.00
Black Powder Rifles: $85.00

Gun Cleaning Services
Pistol: Starting at $25.00
Bolt Rifles & Shotgun: Starting at $30.00
Semi-auto Rifles: Starting at $35.00

Upcoming LTC Classes


I Bought a Gun to Defend Myself. Now What?

As one may imagine we never have a dull moment here at the range. Yet, just when I believe I have seen it all, something new walks through the front door. I have had the opportunity to shoot everything from the Blunderbuss of the 18th [Read More]

I can’t find any ammo for my gun!!

January 15th 2014 marked the one year anniversary of the terrible massacre that struck our nation as a whole and in particular the Sandy Hook Elementary School. To say that this is a tragic event is an extreme understatement. The lives of twenty innocent children [Read More]

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