Mission and History

Hot Wells Shooting Range has been serving Houston and its surrounding areas since 1973.  In that time, the only thing we have cared about more than the shooting sports has been our customers.

Donovan at 3Gun Competition

Donovan at 3Gun Competition

Our facility has been instrumental in safe, responsible, gun ownership with the services we provide. Concealed handgun classes, private lessons, hunters’ education, skeet instruction, phase training, and tactical classes are just a few examples of instruction we offer here at Hot Wells Shooting Range.

We pride ourselves in providing a family friendly, professional, and above all safe place for shooters of all genres and levels of experience to indulge in their passion for firearms.

Our History 

Old Hot Well Hotel and Sanitarium

Old Hot Well Hotel and Sanitarium

Hot Wells Shooting Range was opened in 1973 by Bud and Dallas Lamar, but its history stretches back to the early 1900’s.

It all began in 1904 when a group of wildcatters, drilling for oil in Cypress, lost their drill bit. During a two week search for their tool the men stumbled upon an artesian well and so began Houston Hot Well Hotel and Sanitarium. A two story hotel was constructed complete with two hot baths, a picnic area, and therapeutic hot mineral water.  Families would come from all over to enjoy not only the healing powers of the artesian well, but the many other resort attractions.

The original hotel burned down in 1955, but Hot Wells continued to grow as one of the regions foremost swimming facilities. During the 60’s Bud and Dallas Lamar purchased the facility and brought the resort to its peak including 2 mineral baths, an Olympic swimming pool, 10 acres of picnic grounds, and a huge pavilion complete with a juke box, concession stand, and plenty of room for dancing. At one time it was not uncommon to have three to five hundred guests at the complex, but eventually with the growing popularity of backyard pools, and subdivision swimming facilities there was no longer enough business to keep Hot Wells open as a swimming complex.

Through the next couple years Hot Wells was host to several different business ventures including a brick factory, saw mill, and Bud’s Chiropractic Office.welcome_sign_vintage_325x225

In 1973 Bud Lamar’s long time friend Tony Strezy suggested he open a shooting range, and with his wife’s blessing Bud opened Hot Wells Shooting Range later that year. A small pistol range and range house stood just south of what is today the 25yd rifle range. Two years later the range was extended to the north and the big range house was constructed along with a skeet/trap field that stood where the pistol range is today. At that time the machines were manually operated by all of Bud and Dallas’s children. When calling for a target the shooter would shout “Pull” for the high house, “Bird” for the low house, or “Mark” for doubles. The houses that contained the trap machines were made of iron plates with no roof, and on occasion the kids would be stuck pulling for 5 hours at a time. Needless to say, it was hot!

In these early days, as a shooting range, business was slow at best, but over the last 30+ years the Lamar family has built one of Texas’s premier shooting ranges, all the while preserving a family friendly place where people of all levels of experience can come out and enjoy their second amendment rights.

In Memory of our Founder Dallas Lamar


Get your Concealed Handgun License. Hot Wells Shooting Range has weekday and evening classes. Check out our CALENDAR to find a class that is convenient for you.