Couples Training

“The main advice… is to be patient with each other and know that what works for one half of the couple may not necessarily work for the other half. This leads to more range time and practice together which also leads to learning together.” -The Couple That Shoots Together.couple_image

Please join us for an evening of fun with your significant other as you meet and greet with our instructors. This is an opportunity to enjoy shooting sports together.  Check our calendar for upcoming classes.


Couples Phase 1:  This class will consist of basic firearms training for those who already have their License To Carry or basic proficiency with their pistol (loading, unloading, and basic shooting). For those wanting to
take this course who have not shot before please seek a private lesson first. This couple’s series will stress the importance of communication working as a team, finding your own language together, strengths, weaknesses, and will be moving together.
Phase 2: We will start off with working from an outside the waistband holsters and progress to issues of moving through a house together. This will continue to practice the skills and communication from phase one.
Phase 3:  Hot Wells Shooting range instructor will stress scenario based drills combining all skills learned from phase 1 and 2. The scenarios will cover situations you may encounter both at home or out in public.

Price: $150

Course Length: 2 Hours

Prerequisite: Must have completed either a private lesson or Defense Pistol Phase I

Upcoming Courses from Hot Wells Instructors