Ladies Defensive Pistol Series

Our Ladies Self Defense Pistol Classes are a great opportunity for all you gals to have fun and train together in class. So, get together with a group of gals, sign-up with a friend, or show up solo. You’ll have a good time and learn the skills needed to handle your firearm effectively in the matters of self defense.

These classes run in a three-course series and last two hours. Some ladies take all three classes, some only one or two. We cover everything from the basics all the way through moving and shooting, reloads, using  cover/concealment, and much more. Our goal in the later phases is to create a  stress factor for our students in order to best simulate real-life shooting scenarios.  Please don’t forget to tell your friends!

  • Note: Phase I is not a first time shooter introductory class, we suggest scheduling private instruction with one of our trainers prior to signing up for this fun and helpful series.

Phase  I: Without a firm foundation you will never become a solid shooter Phase I is  all about the basics. At the conclusion of this phase we will put a business  card on a target edge toward you and you will split it in half!

Phase II: Phase II starts with safely getting your gun in and out of your holster. Phase II was built around the number one rule of gun fighting: “No one  stands still.” Whether you are creating separation from your target, moving to  find cover, or headed down a hall to secure your children, there is always  somewhere to go. In Phase II we learn how to accomplish this task while engaging multiple targets and properly using cover lines.

Phase  III: Our goal for the student in Phase III is to begin to operate his/her weapon  system on a subconscious level, and the only effective way to do this is through  high intensity training. Drills in phase three include:  making speed and tactical reloads, shooting from the driver’s seat of a vehicle, distinguishing the target, and learning how to individually breakdown tactical and self-defense scenarios. 

Instructor Tammy Hunter and her student

Instructor Tammy Hunter and her student

Price:  $85 per phase

(After completing all 3 phases you can return to any class for only $25.)

Course Length:   2 hours

Prerequisite: You must take Phase I before II and Phase II  before III.

Gear: holster, magazine holder, 2 or more pistol magazines, eye and ear protection, close-toe shoes, a baseball cap with a visor, wear a shirt with sleeves.

Ladies please do not wear tank tops or low-neckline blouses to class. Hot brass from a semi-automatic weapon is painful and can burn you. Proper protection is important when firing any weapon. Round count will be given upon registration.

If you need help with any gear please contact us.

To schedule a class, follow this link to our calendar.

Due to limited class room space and availability students must register in advance.

*** Hot Wells Shooting Range requires a 48 hour advance notice in the event the registrant needs to cancel his/her attendance from class. If we are not notified of your intent to cancel or transfer/postpone from your registered class you will NOT receive a refund.