Try Before You Buy

We have several firearms to test fire before you purchase

In the market for a new firearm?  Knowledge is power. This class will provide the participant with the necessary knowledge to make an educated decision on their next firearm purchase. This course will offer the opportunity to not only shoot a variety of different brands and calibers, but also provide instruction on proper operating and safety techniques. Purchase the firearm that you know to be best for you, not the one the sales man thinks is best for you.

try_before_buy_250x375Try Before You Buy:

Cost for this service? Depending on number of rounds shot and amount of time spent on the range. Some of the weapons we offer include: Glock, Springfield, Beretta, Colt, FNH, Sig-Sauer, Kel-tech, Bushmaster, Kimber, Smith & Wesson, The Shield, Remington.…everything from revolver to semi-automatic and more.

These sessions are great for beginners who have never shot a firearm, someone who doesn’t own a firearm and would like to qualify for their LTC, advanced shooters who would like to try out a new firearm before making a purchase or just a buddy get-together to experience the sport of target shooting.

Price: $75 per hour for 1 shooter plus the cost of ammunition which can be purchased from the range house.

Course Length: Approx 1 hour. Can be combined with a private class to include shooting instruction at no extra charge.

Safety Gear you’ll need:

  • eye and ear protection
  • wear close-toe shoes
  • wear a baseball cap with a visor
  • wear a shirt with sleeves

Ladies please do NOT wear tank tops or low-neckline blouses to class. Hot brass shells from a semi-automatic weapon can be painful and will burn you.

Proper protection is important when firing any weapon.

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