Youth Programs

The Youth Program is designed to introduce and educate youth in firearm safety. Kids over the age of 12* (exceptions will be considered for ages 10-12 on a case by case basis)are encouraged to attend. Apply via email or on paper, meet for a brief interview, once approved attend the youth program.

Youth Summer Camp

With four hours each day students will walk away with their Hunter Education certification as well as the state approved field exercises. Classes will be taught on firearms safety and a variety of rifle and shotgun skills.

Students will rotate through classroom time, range time and practical hunting exercises with different instructors. Students must attend all 3 days to receive their certification.

Price: $90

We offer:

Youth Private Lessons

Youth private lessons are one-on-one instruction which will range from introduction to firearms safety, firing their first shots, and possibly more advanced activities. These lessons will be somewhat unique based on the students in the class, their prior experience, ability, and maturity level; the instructor will conduct the class as they see best when all of these factors are known.

Price: $75

Youth League

On a Friday evening (once/month), we introduce and educate youth in firearms safety. Everyone starts with four rules of safety. Most students start with the rifle basics (shooting a .22 caliber gun).  Students will have the opportunity to move up in caliber rating as their abilities demonstrate readiness.  Shotgun shooting will be introduced to students when they show proficiency and readiness to move forward.  Youth ages 12-15* (exceptions will be considered for youths ages 10-12 on a case by case basis).

Price: $30

Instructors for each class are Donovan Lamar and Tammy Hunter.