Pistol Range

Available classes and lessons will be discounted this time and continue as scheduled, LTC classes are $50 a person, private lessons are $50 for one person.

The pistol range at Hot Wells Shooting Range has been completely renovated. The outdoor lighting allows for night-time shooting. The lanes currently accommodates 44 shooters at distances ranging from 7 to 25 yards. 

Hot Wells can accommodate both novice and advanced shooters. Every bench is equipped with brass shields and spotting scopes are available upon request. Eye and ear protection is required at all times. Both may be purchased at the Range House if you are in need of some.

 Our Pistol range with patrons

Our Pistol range with patrons

Our Range Officers are on site to monitor safety and make target changes for you. This means you will never have to walk down range! At this time we do not allow rapid fire or certain targets (targets must be no smaller than 12×18 inches, NO FACES, and non-offensive). You are welcome to bring your own targets. Just let the Range Officer know you’d like them posted during the next target change.

Pistol Range Rules

  • Treat every gun as if it were loaded at all times.
  • All uncased firearms not in use must have their breech locked open.
  • Eye and ear protection is required.
  • Wait until you are at the bench and the muzzle is pointed down range before removing weapons from case.
  • Keep muzzle pointed down range/ in a safe direction at all times.
  • Check and make sure you are using the correct ammunition. NEVER ASSUME.
  • Shoot at your designated target only.
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire.
  • ABSOLUTLY NO RAPID FIRE. (Minimum of 2 seconds between shots)
  • Horse play will not be tolerated.
  • When transferring firearms from one shooter to the next make sure the weapon is unloaded, place it on the bench, and allow the next shooter to take possession and load his/her own weapon.
  • Alcohol is strictly prohibited
  • Age limits
      • 21 and older unaccompanied.
      • Pistol: 15 years of age or older but, only at the discretion of the range officer.

NOTE: This is not a complete list of our range rules, but merely an out line of some of our more important policies

Come on down and join us! Groups and families are always welcome!