Gun Range FAQS

Does Hot Wells Shooting Range require eye and ear protection?

A: Yes ALL shooters and spectators must wear Z87 approved eye protection and hearing protection. We suggest that you bring your own, but in the event that you need these items we have a variety to choose from at our range house starting at $1 a pair for ear protection and eye protection starting at $4.99

Does Hot Wells rent firearms if I don’t have my own?

A: No, Hot Wells doesn’t rent firearms. If you and a friend would like to shoot and your friend owns a firearm you may accompany your friend and use his. Hot Wells charges by the gun and not by the shooter. Please let the Range Officer know that you will be sharing a firearm and obey the applicable safety rules. Our Try Before You Buy sessions let you use our firearms under the supervision of an instructor. This session must be scheduled in advance. Please click here for more information.

What is an ANSI Z87.1 standard? How do I know if my safety glasses qualify?

A: A high velocity test is conducted, at 20 specified impact points, where the projectile is a ¼” steel ball traveling at specific speeds depending upon the type of protector. For safety glasses, the velocity is 150 ft/sec or 102 mph. If you have safty glasses you wear at your job Or safety glasses you wear while using power tools these would meet the standard. If you have questions about your glasses, bring them with you and our staff will tell you if they meet the safety standard.

Does Hot Wells charge by the shooter or the gun?

A: We charge only by the gun at a rate of $10 per gun including applicable sales tax. (i.e. One shooter with two guns= $20. Five shooters with one gun = $10.)

Does Hot Wells have lights for evening operation?

A: Yes, we have lights on all of our ranges.

What is the policy on rapid fire?

A: We strictly prohibit rapid fire, requiring at least 2-3 seconds between shots.

Does Hot Wells Shooting Range have spotting scopes available?

A: We will supply spotting scope at no additional cost. These are at every bench with sand bags.

What is the youngest age you will allow children to shoot?

A: Children 11 years of age or older may shoot rifle and children 15 years of age or older may shoot pistol but, only at the discretion of the range officer.

What is included in my range fee?

A: Your range fee will include one paper target with three “bull’s-eyes” on it and one lane.

How long can I shoot with the purchase of a range fee?

A: Until you run out of ammo or we close for the day. You may purchase more ammo from the wide variety we have available for sale in the range house. We do not put a time limit on our shooters.

What distances do you have on your rifle ranges?

A: We have 25, 50 and 100 yard rifle ranges.

Is Hot Wells Range accessible to handicapped persons?

A: Yes, our pistol shooting lanes and rifle benches were designed to make them wheelchair accessible.