Gun Services

Gun Cleaning, Rifle Sight – In, and Sight Installation

Our experienced range personnel will sight in your hunting or target rifle. Are you prepared for the season?

Rifle Sight-ins:

  • Scoped Rifle: $32.50
  • Open Sights: $ 55.00
  • Black Powder Rifles: $100.00
  • Pistol open sights: $55.00
  • Express sight in (Same day service): Center Fire Rifle with scope $50.00
  • Scope Mounting: $24.50
Turnaround time is 1 week, unless otherwise stated.

EXPRESS Sight-Ins for Rifle:

Save the wait and be first in line with an Express Rifle Sight-In appointment! Bring any centerfire rifle with an optic and we will zero it while you wait. Must provide one box of factory loaded ammunition (we generally sight the rifle in 6 rounds or less, but a full box insures that you have enough to hunt/practice with afterwards). One rifle per appointment, please.




Gun Cleaning Services:

  • Basic Clean: Field strip firearm and conduct a basic cleaning. $35.00
  • Detailed Clean: Fully disassemble firearm and meticulously clean. $55.00
  • Diagnostic Service: Includes a detailed clean and diagnose any issues with your firearm. $65.00

Sight Installation

  • Glock- All models except 42 & 43
  • Colt- All 1911 models
  • Sig- 1911
  • Bersa Thunder 9
  • Kimber Ultra carry II
  • EMP 9
  • Springfield XD/XDM
  • Sig: P220, 225, 239, 226, 228, 229

Contact the Hot Wells Range House for all your gun maintenance needs.


Private LTC Qualification

A private LTC shooting qualification appointment is for people who are needing to take their License to Carry Class and are familiar with their firearm.  This appointment allows the student to NOT do the shooting qualification with the class group but one on one with an instructor. This is a great add on bonus for any student ready to qualify for only $25.